Frequently Asked Tech Questions

My handset is flashing and my caravan mover will not work!

The handset is not connected to the caravan mover control box, is the isolation key turned to the position? Have you pressed the power button twice? It may be you need to reset the caravan mover control box, click here for the simple instructions to complete this.

My caravan mover keeps cutting out!

The issue is normally to do with power from your leisure battery, there is not enough power when the battery is under load. Check your battery and put it on charge for at least 48 hours. Click here to see our advice page on looking after your leisure battery.

My caravan mover is pulling to one side!

Check your tyre pressure on both sides, make sure the ground you are on is not sloping to one side, soft ground can also make a caravan mover pull to one side. If all above has been checked, make sure when the caravan mover is disengaged that the spacing from each roller to the wheel is a 20mm gap.

Click here for more information directly from the product manual.

My caravan mover is stuck on the wheels!

The only way this can happen is if the caravan mover has been left on while towing, if this has happened then please call our team on 01332 200101 ASAP.

The caravan mover motors seem to be loose!

Normal movement is fine as the caravan mover has to move forwards and backwards on its cradle.

I have damaged my caravan mover!

Call our team as we can help 7 days a week to discuss what is needed and when the parts can be replaced.

NOTE: As it is customer damage, it isn’t covered under the 5 years parts and labour warranty.

How do I claim on my 5 years parts and labour warranty?

First of all you will need to call our team on 01332 200101, we are open 7 days a week. From here our tech guys will try and help over the phone as many issues have simple solutions. If a fault can not be solved and its a part problem, our team will organise parts and an installer to call and replace. Please note this is not an AA or RAC break down service and we can not guarantee same day call outs.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us on 01332 200101

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